Halloween special

 Hello everyone it's almost Halloween or running a Halloween special commented any checks to the 20% off bring a friend who gets to go to the same day the 25% off so come on in and see Craig Murphy Mr. Max and the Nortell 

The hoilidays are here

Hello everyone  Summer time is here  and time for new ink  here at skin of a different color we take pride in every tattoo we do. Let us design your next tattoo, it's always first come first serve no appointments needed.

come see. Craig murphy , Mr Max, and dan nortell.

Skin of A Different Color is Launched!

Skin of a Different Color has a new website! You can see our studios custom tattoos, artwork 

Our shop hours are:
Tuesday-Thursday 12:30-8pm
Friday & Saturday 12:30-10pm

You can also set up appointments for Natasha or Dan with the websites contact form here.

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Custom sun rays Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Color Lotus Tattoo Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Custom feather tattoo with script Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Color bio half sleeve Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Black and Grey Lillies Tattoo Design Thumbnail